Natalynn was a beautiful baby with bright blue eyes that shined like the deepest ocean.

Natalynn at 2 Months old.

Natalynn at 3 Months old.

Natalynn at 4 Months Old, and her first feedings!

Natalynn at 5 Months old.

Natalynn's very first Christmas. It was at her Grand Parents house.  "The place with The One White Duck" as Natalynn would always say.

Natalynn at 1 year old.  Oh, how time flys. 

Natalynn and Paizley 2 years old.

Natalynn at 3 years old.

This was the last time I got to take pictures with Natalynn.  She had always loved taking pictures.  The next morning her mother picked her up to take her to school and I never saw her alive again.

So devastating and heartbreaking words can't even describe the pain.

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