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Monday, November 25, 2013

During cross examination, defense attorneys questioned Miller on whether daughter spun herself around a lot.

"She would kind of play around but she wouldn't spin herself around until she was completely dizzy I've never seen her do that before," Miller said.

After Natalynn's father took the stand, jurors heard from family friend and Natalynn's caretaker, Jessica. She testified about bruises she would see on the 3-year-old.

Rosales became emotional at times when asked about Natalynn and also when prosecutors showed her a picture Natalynn drew for her the day that she died. Rosales testified that the 3-year-old's behavior started to change after Ryann Jones and Natalynn's mother, Nicole Lee, had been dating for a few months.

"To me she seemed scared to go over there," Rosales said. "She didn't want to go to the monster's house."

Rosales said she accidentally documented some of Madalynn's injuries because she liked to take pictures of the girl sleeping while she was babysitting her. Jurors were shown photos of injuries to the girl's head, cheek and lip and what looked like burns to her shoulder and ears. Rosales testified that one time Natalynn blamed one of her injuries on Jones the other times she'd refuse to tell her how why she was bruised.

"She was quiet she had her head down like this," Rosales said.

Rosales testified she told Natalynn's mother about the injuries. During cross examination Rosales admitted to defense attorneys that Natalynn ingested marijuana from a bag while she was watching her. Defense attorneys also showed jurors a happy picture of Ryann Jones, Nicole Lee and Natalynn Miller.

Before Jessica Rosales' testimony her brother Ernesto took the stand and talked about a statement Jones made to him about Natalynn.

"That she was a little girl and that he had no use for her around him," witness Ernesto Rosales said.

Jone's trial is expected to last six weeks. If convicted on all charges he faces the death penalty.